FORWARD ECONOMICS S.L.P. is a specialized Enterprise of Auditors – Consultants established in 1.991 and registered in the Official Register of Account Auditors with the number S-1287.

FORWARD ECONOMICS has as essential philosophy the personalized customer service; each client of our company is assigned to a professional responsible for the relationship with our office and also oversees the quality of services being provided.

Our structure is set by a team of highly skilled professionals. Continuing education programs for all staff to ensure the maintenance of high level of knowledge, constantly updated. Our professional team is composed of 27 people and all of them have as main objective of choosing  the professional excellence in their work, and at the same time, not less important, to offer to everyone who can relate to the development of their work, exquisite and friendly personal treatment .

As a company of professional services, the biggest assets with which FORWARD ECONOMICS is provided, it is his human team. It is for it  that one of his main objectives is achieving that each and every one of the members of the company, are people who feel comfortable being a part of this team and that his belonging to FORWARD ECONOMICS is a reason of personal pride and professional satisfaction. It is a part of the instruments to obtain such purpose, the existence of different spaces to share, so much professional experiences, as to go deep in the personal relations with the other members of the team.  

Our clients include a wide range: from individual businessmen and small-scale enterprises up to important multinational companies, spread out all over the Spanish geography. The legal status of our clients answers both to mercantile  companies and to another kind of entities (Foundations, Associations, Co-operatives, Federations and Sportive Clubs, Professional Corporations and Mutual Insurance Company of Social Security). Our Company offers, to all of them, his services with a high efficiency and reasonable costs.

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