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FORWARD ECONOMICS S.L.P. is a specialized Firm of Auditors founded in 1991 and registered in the Official Register of Accounts Auditors with number S-1.287. Our main characteristic is that we are exclusively dedicated to auditing Annual Accounts and Supporting Subsidy Accounts.

FORWARD ECONOMICS’s essential philosophy is personalized customer service; each client of our Firm is assigned a professional responsible for the relationship with our firm and at the same time supervises the quality of the services provided.

Our structure is made up of a team of highly qualified professionals. Continuous training programs for all staff ensure the maintenance of a high level of knowledge, permanently up-to-date. Our professional team is made up of 33 people and all of them have as their main professional objective to opt for excellence in their work, and at the same time, and not least, to offer to all the people with whom they can relate in the development of his work, an exquisite and cordial personal treatment. We also have an office in Madrid and two people allocated in Seville and another in Vitoria.

As a professional services firm, FORWARD ECONOMICS’s greatest asset is its human team. That is why one of its main objectives is to ensure that each and every one of the members of the Firm, are people who are comfortable being part of the team and that their belonging to FORWARD ECONOMICS is a reason for personal pride and professional satisfaction. The existence of difference spaces to share, both professional experiences, and to deepen personal relationships with the other members of the team is part of the instruments to achieve such ends.

Our clientele covers a wide spectrum; from small companies and entities, to others of much larger dimension, and spread throughout the geography of the Spanish State. The legal form of our clients responds to both commercial companies and any type of Entities (Foundations, Associations, Cooperatives, Sports Federations, Professional Associations and Social Welfare Mutualities). Even so, and in this scene, we highlight the high specialization in Non-Profit Entities as well as in Social Economy in general; being a percentage higher than 60% to customers who are part of this group. Our Firm offers its services to all of them with high efficiency, with an understanding of the idiosyncrasy of each one of them, contributing our experience in the possible improvement of their processes and always with moderate costs adjusted to the actual dedication employed.

We are members of the Audit GROUP 20, which groups together audit firms acting as a forum for the reflection, debate and opinion on aspects related to auditing, on their role in society and, in general, on everything that refers to the transparency of the economic and financial information.

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